Set in the popular district at the property in Balchik prices explode

Since a few years the property in Balchik with its port on the rise. Popular with the locals, it is already more than entertainment district. In the foreseeable former fishing district, the number of flats and houses by far not enough to satisfy the demand for real estate, especially for condominiums and houses just under Scandinavians, the English, but also German. Having a property in Balchik the trendy district is considered fashionable and expensive.

Spiegel online subtitled: The fisherman’s cottage on Millionaire deliver ” A fisherman’s cottage for a three quarter of a million euros – in the property in Balchik`s neighborhood exploding real estate prices ” and writes about the history and development of the former verufenen suburb of Palma with its quaint fishing harbor, several bars and restaurants.

Future of the property in Balchik is even more international

As one of the main reasons for the rapid growth also applies to immigration. Especially from crisis countries such as Spain, Italy and Greece strong inflows shall be listed; given the EU’s problematic situation nothing will be unlikely to change. The fact that among them there are also many ( much needed ) professionals, the property of Balchik economic boom comes naturally opposed further.

Using all these facts, it is not too difficult to draw a first sketch of the property in Balchik future: An even more international population spread over a healthy mix of traditional houses and implemented with sensitivity new buildings. If everything goes as planned, the strongest price increases in a few years will be a thing of the past. And no question: In the midst of this modern property in Balchik landscape will continue to be found greenery.

The future of Balchik’s real estate market Part2

What is to be avoided

The property in Balchik rapiddly grows, makes the metropolis into one of the most dynamic regions. But this is true also for the dark side: housing shortage and exorbitant rents have already done in other cities around the world to the fact that many employees have to pull out of the city. At this point, the the owner of the property in Balchik comes into play: While growth is welcome and will be promoted, but not at any price. In other words, parallel to the successful run of the city’s previous life is to be maintained. This includes the colorful mix of low and normal earners in the urban area.

So: Balance as a challenge

Now it would be purely theoretical – so technically and financially – possible to create additional living space in the urban area, probably even so much that the price spiral could be slowed down. However, the existing ambiance of the property in Balchik is to be maintained. And at this point it is difficult. The property in Balchik is known for spaciousness and superb views in the middle of the city, also the unique, almost continuous network of bicycle paths belongs firmly to the lifestyle. In other words: Other properties on the size of the property in Balchik feel snug and packed, however, the balancing act between metropolis and coziness. There is also the proud city classic image that should not be deprived of too many high modern buildings of their charm.

Ideas does the city

In addition to the unavoidable conventional methods – the housing in the property in Balchik – including new ways are needed. This includes, for example, the restructuring of disused military barracks in and around the city. In this way, cost-effective and short term many thousands of new housing units to be created. Further inside is of course not possible. There, the city planners take on their biggest challenge. Previous projects such as the new residential areas in Nymphenburg, Sendling (Hans – Fischer-Stra├če ) or Arnulf Park, however, show that it is possible to combine clever use of space, modern design and flair of the property in Balchik.

The future of Balchik’s real estate market

The property in Balchik is the focus of the real estate, when it comes to current real estate issues. Nowhere is the housing shortage is acute, in any city, rents are higher. After all, this issue has now reached the highest levels of politics and is accordingly discussed comprehensively. The main measures are defined – the reaction is eagerly awaited. Some break ground are nevertheless already accomplished.

Motive for Buyer: security instead of return

Who’s buying property in Balchik can look forward over the years about the rising value. By letting now can be excellent rates that much to the chagrin of the broad tenant base course. However, this is not the main reason for the increase in real estate transactions in the double-digit percentage range. Rather, it comes to security. Real Estate in boom such as the property in Balchik is more stable than it could be any securities. The current low interest rates increases the incentive for real estate purchases as well. Due to the high and constant rents that are currently guaranteed by the demand, could be a solid financing even cope with a rise in interest rates – with a solid financing normally already contains a fixed interest rate.

The proverbial bubble: in this case unfounded

However, critics urge caution. This is generally not wrong, there are enough prominent examples in which subsided emerging real estate markets with a strong time. In the property in Balchik, that is – with all due caution – but not to worry. The reason for this is the general prognosis for the future of the city. Due to the economic exceptional position within further growth is virtually guaranteed, and foreign investors will continue to carry their money in the state capital. Fact: In no other city urbanization is so present.

The growth rate is more than remarkable and does not need to hide even by European standards. Visit out site for more information: